U ovom dijelu možete naći članke koji daju bolji uvid u svijet Star Treka kao i intervjue sa osobama koje na ovaj ili onaj način imaju veze sa franšizom.

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[Interview with Manny Coto - english version]

Favorite Star Trek series: The Old Series
Favorite Star Trek movie: Star Trek II
Favorite episode: Doomsday Machine
Favorite Enterprise episode: The Forge
Kirk or Picard? (Archer, right? ) Kirk!

How did the team accept you as a new producer, and how did you feel working and writing on Enterprise?
I was very quickly accepted by the entire Enterprise team. We got along very well together and they liked my scripts. I loved working on Enterprise from moment one. I thought it was a privelege to be working on Star Trek.

Most of the fans, if not all, think that you have been a great addition to the Enterprise team and they loved third and fourth season. On the other hand, they don't have very high opinion of Berman & Braga, first and second season of Enterprise. Star Trek had pretty much the same creative team for 18 years. Do you think it needs new people for the next movie / series?
Yes. I think that the franchise would only benefit from a new infusion of creative blood... although I don't think Star Trek needs a radical new "take"... Star Trek should be Star Trek, a thought provoking science fiction adventure series.

General opinion of "These Are The Voyages…" is – very bad. Do you agree with B&B who still think it was a good finale?
Not going to get into this. Rick and Brannon are my friends.

How did you (and the crew) react to show's cancellation?
We weren't entirely surprised, but still disappointed. We all loved working together and we all loved Star Trek.

One tricky question… In your opinion, what's the reason of Enterprise's failure? Do you even consider it as a failure?
Frankly, I think character. Television is about people responding to characters they like, wanting to be with them week in and week out. For whatever reasons, audiences, didn't spark to the Enterprise crew.

In your opinion, what are the chances of Star Trek ever coming back on TV?
I think the chances are 100 percent. When is a matter that no one can really answer.

You're now working on "24", how is work on that different from Enterprise (genre difference put aside)?
As I've said on BBS, 24 is an extremely collaborative show, much more so than Enterprise. On Enterprise, one writer would often take charge of an episode and see it through to the end (unless the showrunner decided to take over the script).
On 24, everyone pretty much rewrites everyone, lower level writers rewrite the showrunners, and showrunners rewrite lower-level writers, etc. It's uncommonly egalitarian, and everyone has a hand in each other's script... taking an act or a scene when necessary. There's no "this is MY episode" attitude... it's more, this is our season and we're all in this together.
When we're beating out an episode on 24, the writers sit together in the conference room and just talk story, until there's an outline on the board. Sometimes, we retire to the smoke room (a nicely outfitted cigar smoking suite) and beat out an episode over a couple of pre-Castro Cubans.

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