U ovom dijelu možete naći članke koji daju bolji uvid u svijet Star Treka kao i intervjue sa osobama koje na ovaj ili onaj način imaju veze sa franšizom.

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[Interview with dr. Ian Lane Davis - english version]

Favorite Star Trek series? Star Trek, the original series. Classic.
Favorite Star Trek movie? Wrath of Khan. Spock’s death scene - need I say more?
Favorite episode? "Yesterday’s Enterprise". I love the glimpse into a different, unexplored part of the Trek saga with the Enterprise C.
Kirk or Picard? Ah, the age-old question arises. I’d have to say it’s a bit of a toss-up. I’d take Picard for large-scale battle, no doubt. Yet Kirk has such style and a burning love for his ship... Nobody knows how to work a ship, or a lady, like Kirk. I’d take Kirk for the small-scale, personal battle, Enterprise ready, Spock at his side. The dream: I’d love to have Kirk and Picard side-by-side in battle (on my team of course!). Perhaps we can make that happen... :)

First of all, could you tell us a little about yourself? What's your role in the project?
I’m the Creative Director on Star Trek®: Legacy at Mad Doc® Software. I’ve been working with our publisher, Bethesda Softworks, project director, producer, and our entire team of talented game developers to bring Legacy to life for fans.

How long have you been a Star Trek fan? Did you come to like the series after working on ST game titles or was it the other way round?
Huge fan of the series, always have been, always will be. Mad Doc team members have got a few Star Trek titles under their belt (Star Trek®: Armada™, Star Trek®: Armada II™), and as serious Star Trek enthusiasts, our team has long been eager to help fans keep the series alive -- and move it forward.

Could you describe your ordinary day for us?
There’s really no "ordinary day" for me. Game development is anything but ordinary. As for me, I get in around 9AM, in and out of meetings, on the phone, doing high end math and AI problem solving, speaking with the teams, with designers, programmers, artists – looking at all ends of the development cycle from the top down and more. There’s so much that really goes into solving the game development puzzle, yet that’s what keeps it interesting.

How and when did you come up with the idea to create the game?
This is a game that both we and our partners have wanted to do for a long time, and the timing was just right - everyone was really excited at the same time.

How many people are working on the "Legacy" project?
A lot!

Screenshots and announcements look promising, fans are quite excited and expectations are high... Are you afraid the final product will seem underwhelming in comparison?
Anytime you make a game, there’s intense pressure to deliver and intense scrutiny. It’s the nature of the beast. As a developer, you can only hope that your vision for the project makes it through to the end and that what you’ve put into play hits home with fans. We know how invested Star Trek fans are, and we’re doing our best to bring them something they’ll enjoy, while moving the series forward.

Today's game industry seems to revolve around eyecandy only, while gameplay suffers. The visuals from the game look great. Will the gameplay and replayability be on the same level?
Our goal is to capture the essence of Trek “naval” battles and deliver that gameplay to the user. The eye candy is obvious, but we hope you’ll enjoy the finer points of gameplay.

What about sound? Are there any plans for contracting the original Star Trek cast as voice actors?
We’d all like to see this happen, of course. We all know how important it is to fans. We’ll have to wait and see if the schedules and details work out.

Something probably most players are wondering about… What will the minimal system requirements be? A rough estimate?
Sorry I can’t help you here, it’s simply too early to say.

In what stage of development is the game currently?
We’re deep in the throws of production right now, so there have been plenty of late nights, pizza, and coffee to fuel us onward and upward!

If I recall correctly, it should be out around September, this year.
Were there any release date changes in the meantime?

Nope, we’re right on schedule.

How soon can we expect a playable demo, will it be before or after the game is released?
This one will be up to our publishing friends at Bethesda, no word yet from them on demo plans.

Do you have any future projects in mind (primarily, but not necessarily Star Trek related), or is your current work focused strictly on "Legacy"?
With Legacy set for release in September, our focus right now is on doing Star Trek: Legacy and making it the best game possible. We'll talk about what's next after we get this one done.

Thank you very much for this interview Dr. Davis, we wish you best of luck with "Star Trek: Legacy" and any other future projects.
Thanks for letting us check in with you, it’s been a pleasure!

05.05.2006 [autor: Krešimir Vinšćak]

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