U ovom dijelu možete naći članke koji daju bolji uvid u svijet Star Treka kao i intervjue sa osobama koje na ovaj ili onaj način imaju veze sa franšizom.

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[Interview with Anthony Montgomery - english version]

Favorite Star Trek series: I think my favorite series (not including ours :)) is The Original Series.
Favorite Star Trek movie: I love The Wrath of Kahn!
Favorite episode: I don't know if I can pick a favorite episode from the various Star Trek series. There are so many wonderful shows!!
Favorite Enterprise episode: I think one of my favorite Enterprise episodes is Horizon. It was a joy learning about Travis' family.
Kirk or Picard? I really appreciate the work Patrick Stewart did as Picard, but I think for the sake of nostalgia I would have to go with Kirk.

Were you a Star Trek fan before doing Enterprise? If so, which series did you watch first?
Yes, I was a fan of the franchise before Enterprise. I grew up watching The Original Series.

How did you get the role on Enterprise? If I am not mistaken, you auditioned twice for Voyager, but didn't get the job. What roles were they?
You are correct. I auditioned for Voyager twice (I don't remember the first role, the second was as a "transmission" of Tuvok's son) and began a great relationship with Ron Surma (casting director). He remembered me and brought me in to audition for Travis and...well you know the rest :).

Were you frustrated because your character wasn't developed as much as others were, or were you just happy to be a part of popular TV series with so much fan base behind it?
I would have loved for Travis to have had more to do, but understanding the nature of this business, I was content to support the others and elevate my performance whenever the opportunity was presented.

Did you talk to the producers regarding your rather low screen time? If so, what was their response?
I never spoke to them about more screen time. Being a part of an ensemble cast, I knew my time would be minimal.

You produced a CD, are you satisfied with its quality? How is the sales going? Can we expect more in near future?
I'm very excited about how my CD turned out. As more people hear the tracks and the message behind the music, the sales are improving. (I hope you and all in Croatia that are continuing to support my career will visit my web site, www.anthonymontgomery.com, and get their very own copy!) I have discovered a love of music that I will definitely continue to explore!

What were you doing after Enterprise? Were you looking for new projects, or did you take some time off?
I took time from the industry and went back to my hometown to help inspire the inner-city children in some of the impoverished areas. After which, I did, indeed, take some time off. After a brief rest period, I got back to work. I've written a short film that I will produce, direct, and star in, I've created an animated television series, I'm working on the completion of the documentary on my grandfather, Wes Montgomery, and many, many other ventures. Please stay tuned to my web site, as I will keep everyone abreast of my future endeavors through it.

What are your plans for the future?
I'm now making a transition into the feature film world. I recently finished production on an independent film, The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks, a romantic comedy in which I play the title character, that is being edited for a film festival distribution beginning in July. I just got cast in my second independent feature, An American in China, a romantic comedy in which I have the 3rd lead (I'm the lead guy's best friend), and I leave for Beijing the beginning of June. I have a few other potential feature projects on the books. I'm doing these things and continuing to move my own projects forward.

Thank you for this interview. On behalf of UFPCroatia team, I wish you best of luck in future roles and projects.
To all at UFP Croatia team, thank for continuing to support me and my career! I truly appreciate your loyalty!

Anthony Montgomery

01.05.2006 [autor: Krešimir Vinšćak]

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